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In the early 70’s, founder Jerry Shipe started a small plant shop off Lemmon Avenue in Dallas. For the first few years it was more of a hobby than a business. Many customers recognized Jerry’s talent for growing plants indoors and began to request that he service plants inside their local businesses. He found someone to run the shop for a few hours a week while he serviced these businesses downtown. He quickly recognized the potential of the commercial service part of the business and how it could grow faster than a single retail store that relied on foot traffic alone.


In 1987 Jerry purchased a larger facility, built a large greenhouse, and prepared for growth in commercial service accounts. After a couple of years, he closed the retail shop on Lemmon avenue and focused 100 % commercial plant service. It was gamble and It paid off. Looking back, he says he never imagined that his plant hobby in the 70’s would have grown to be one of the most successful interior landscape businesses in the country.


Today, the company is owned and operated by Jerry’s two sons Jay and Clay Shipe. After growing up in the business and working in it for almost 20 years, Jay and Clay are determined to continue providing the superior service that the company was founded on.

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