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During our free consultation we will take light readings, assess environmental conditions, and determine traffic flow. With your help and perhaps the assistance of your architect and interior designer we will choose plants that will thrive in your surroundings, and select the decorative containers that will best achieve the image that you want to create. Carefully considering the design objectives, we will put together a proposal based on the selections made during our design consultation. Our proposal will include both lease and purchase options so that you may select a program that is best suited to your needs.


Scheduling weekly visits by a member of our highly trained horticultural staff to dust, prune and water your plants. Our technicians undergo rigorous training and are taught to maintain high standards of care and professionalism. Our supervisors visit your facility regularly to keep the technicians up to date on new techniques and maintain ongoing contact with you in order to ensure quality.


This is one example of a Flowering Plant rotation; our designers create custom color programs tailored to fit your needs. While working within a budget, we guarantee the color combinations will amaze you. As well as the broad range of tropical plant material used. Our designers can create any look, or style to fit all of your needs.


With multiple color options our seasonal plant selection is among the best. We offer color change outs for poinsettias during the busy holiday season along with beautiful colored wraps of your choice.

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